Thursday, May 28, 2009

begedil ayam

credit to orie for the stunning recipe :)

1. rebus kentang smpi empuk. 3/4 empuk, tmbhkan daging ayam yg dicincang (tmbhkan garam, tulang dan lemak ayam supaya lebih perisa dlm air rebusan)
2. lenyekkan kentang dan tmbh pepper
3. kepalkan ketang bersama daging ayam dan daun sup
4. celup dlm telur ayam
5. gorengkan

Sotong masak kunyit

1. tumis bawang putih, merah, serai yg dh dititik, smpi naik bau
2. tmbh kan salt n pepper to taste, serbuk kunyit satu sudu kecil
3. tmbhkan sikit air, msukkan carrot (tnggal smpi air agak kering)
4. masukkan sotong, jgn msk lebih dr 8minit
5. tmbhkan skit gule
6. letak tomato, dlm 2minit offkan api

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sup tauhu dan seafud

sup ni adapted from my 1st cooking recipe book (special nih) :P so i tried it, n it's gorgeous! A.
-1 piece soft tauhu, diced
-fish ball as you wish (cut into pieces)
-shrimp and octopus
-oyster mushroom (asingkan batang ngn mushroomnye)

-broth of shrimp skin (about 1lit)
-salt n pepper to taste
-few slice of lemongrass, 5 cili api, cloves of garlic and shallots
-asam jawe sket

-cornflour solution (just one tsp of flour added with 2 tbsp of water)
-2 eggs white, beaten


1. boil B in a pot. add in A n boil ingredients until cooked.

2. stir in cornflour solution and egg whites, add in tomatoes

3. serve with coriander, and fried onions

ikan masak steam

okey, to be honest my home is now flooded with seafud from south china sea. haha. it's not that either my parent went fishing there nor we bought the whole selayang wet market. ni sume dpt org bg nih. bleh jd gout aku mkn cenggini spnjg sem break.

btw, we feasted ourselves with ikan masak steam n mak honoured me to crown the fish. ecewah pdhal marinade je pn. here's the recipe:

-one whole fish
-salt n pepper to taste
-cloves of garlic (depending on how huge your fish is-mind you ours was big!)
-few shallots(bawang merah)
-lemon (cut into 2 and take one protion of its juice) n it's zest
-cili padi as you wish
-lemongrass (one finger length)
-1 tbsp of oyster sauce
-2 tbsp of balckpepper sauce
-few drops of cooking oil
-carrot, broncoli, tomatoes, oyster mushroom and anything in your mind

1. in a separate pan (loyang), marinade your fish, along with salt n pepper. leave them to chat with each other
2. cut into slices your B and throw them together inside a bowl
3. add in C into the bowl, and continue stir until they are mixed together
4. put the mixture onto your fish, rub, massage, belai2 them until you feel hungry you can't wait anymore
5. dont forget your precious veges. put them inside the pan, they'll sure bring you colors to ur dish
6. wrap the top of the pan with aluminum foil and steam the dish for 15minutes. this was found to be the most ideal time for ikan kembong :) hee
7. the steamed fish will rock ur dinner. it did to us!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Chef

Dearest mak,
Millions of thanks for all the foods that you've cooked...
and again...