Monday, December 28, 2009

kek pisang

gmba credit blog tu.recipe sndri.hehe

2 cwn tepung (ayak)
2 sudu teh bicarbonate soda
1 sudu teh baking powder
garam secukup rasa
1 cwn gula castor
8 - 10 pisang mas (ranum)
1 cwn minyak msk
3 biji telur

1. ayak tepung, grm, bicarb, baking powder skali
2. dlm mangkuk lain, lenyekkan pisang
3. pukul telur ngn gula, smpi kembang
4. cmpurkan telur, minyak, ngn tepung ke dlm mangkuk pisang yg lenyek td
5. gaul smpi sebati
6. lengserkan butter ke atas permukaan loyang
7. kukus 45minit, kalau nk bakar 180 deg C

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cucur kentang

cooking guide is open again :P
recipe ni recipe stalk(dh la stalk recipe donut, tp jd cucur), tp dh modified sket2 la depends on the availability of the ingredients


40 gm tepung (ayak)
3 biji kentang (direbus dan dilenyek)
2 sudu besar butter
2 ml air suam(lebih krg la..cucur je pon.hehe)
2 ml susu cair
2 sudu besar gula (yg elok gula icing)
1 biji telur
sepeket yeast mauripan (tp sbb mse ni1/2 je, tmbah la sket baking powder n bicarb)
esen vanilla, garam, yellow coloring agak2 je

1. rebus kentang n lenyek smpi lumat
2. cairkan butter
3. cmpurkan butter + gula + susu cair + yeast yg dh dtambah air suam dulu
4. pukul telur + garam+ esen vanilla + yellow coloring (pukul cm telur dadar je)
5. masukkan kentang
6. masuk tepung sket2
7. biarkan adunan naik
8. goreng smpi golden yellow

sbb sedap n lembut sgt, takut la hilmi mkn sume style solo. ktorg pn rebut2 jgk. results in no pic available :P

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lontong Goreng

bayangkan je la pinggan ni sblm kejadian :P

1. tumbuk bwg putih, merah, garam.
2. ble dh lembut, tmbahkan ikan bilis. tumbuk smpi lumat
3. potong sayur2 (carrot, kubis,) n potong dadu isi ayam
4. tumiskan bawang td, bile dh agak2 kering tmbahkan cili giling 2 sudu besar
5. tnggu cili masak (pecah minyak) n tmbahkan setngh sudu gula
6. msukkan isi ayam yg didadu
7. half cooked, tmbahkan carrot
8.msukkan lontong (nasi impit) dan gaul smpi mesra
9. campurkan carrot. adjust rasa nya
10. hehe siap! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Puding Caramel (Malaysian version)

3-5gula dicairkan dlm loyang (tmbah sesudu air)

12biji telur
2 sudu teh vanilla
1tin susu pekat
1tin air

tuang n tapis campuran dlm loyang berisi gula hangus
kukus 30minit

Biskut Gajus Rangup

Bhn A:
150gm mentega
80gm gula perang
130gm gula
sedikit garam

Bhn B:
1 biji telur

Bhn C: (diayak)
140gm tepung gndum
1/2 sudu teh vanilla
1/4sudu teh serbuk soda

Bhn D:
30gm oat-dikisar

pukul A-hingga gebu
tambah B-pukul lagi
cmpurkan C
tambah D-gaul sebati
hias gajus yg dglis dgn kuning telur+sedikit susu
bakar pd 175C, 18minit

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

spaghetti meatballs

recipe credit to jamie oliver, with some modification to suit my malay tongue :)

1. spaghetti, of course
garlic, shallots and pepper (mash until juicy) and some cili giling
3. a can of whole tomato soaked in juice
5. meatball
6. oregano
7. salt and sugar to taste
8. veges (button mushroom, carrots, broccoli, etc.)

1. boil the spaghetti. drop some oil and salt to fasten the boiling process
2. get a pan hot, drizzle some oil
3. saute the garlic, shallot and pepper until get the aroma
4. add 3 tbsp of cili giling into the pan. leave to cook
5. pour in the tomatoes, let the juice drip down first, and squash the tomatoes using your hand to get the juice and chunkiness of the tomato. rip them into pieces. add veges and leave to boil (add in some basil leave, if had)
6. get another pan hot and drizzled with oil (put a garlic inside oil for better taste)
7. put in some meatball, turn over them to cooked, and drizzle some oregano to taste
8. toast the cooked spaghetti and pour inside the pan with meatballs
9. mix together
10. serve with the tomato sauce. walla! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

banana pancake

this is an easy weezy recipe to make, perfect for a divine breakfast. make about 20

1. 5 biji pisang
2. 5 sudu tepung gandum
3. 1 sudu teh baking powder
4. 1 sudu teh perasa vanila
5. 4 sudu gula
6. susu full cream (1/2 glass)
7. 1 biji telur
8. secubit garam

1. potong pisang dan cmpurkan gula, dan secubit garam
2. lenyekkan pisang
3. cmpurkan bahan2 lain, kacau smpi jd cmpuran yg lembut
4. ttp mangkuk, biarkan selama 10minit
5. masak kan pancake :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

begedil ayam

credit to orie for the stunning recipe :)

1. rebus kentang smpi empuk. 3/4 empuk, tmbhkan daging ayam yg dicincang (tmbhkan garam, tulang dan lemak ayam supaya lebih perisa dlm air rebusan)
2. lenyekkan kentang dan tmbh pepper
3. kepalkan ketang bersama daging ayam dan daun sup
4. celup dlm telur ayam
5. gorengkan

Sotong masak kunyit

1. tumis bawang putih, merah, serai yg dh dititik, smpi naik bau
2. tmbh kan salt n pepper to taste, serbuk kunyit satu sudu kecil
3. tmbhkan sikit air, msukkan carrot (tnggal smpi air agak kering)
4. masukkan sotong, jgn msk lebih dr 8minit
5. tmbhkan skit gule
6. letak tomato, dlm 2minit offkan api

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sup tauhu dan seafud

sup ni adapted from my 1st cooking recipe book (special nih) :P so i tried it, n it's gorgeous! A.
-1 piece soft tauhu, diced
-fish ball as you wish (cut into pieces)
-shrimp and octopus
-oyster mushroom (asingkan batang ngn mushroomnye)

-broth of shrimp skin (about 1lit)
-salt n pepper to taste
-few slice of lemongrass, 5 cili api, cloves of garlic and shallots
-asam jawe sket

-cornflour solution (just one tsp of flour added with 2 tbsp of water)
-2 eggs white, beaten


1. boil B in a pot. add in A n boil ingredients until cooked.

2. stir in cornflour solution and egg whites, add in tomatoes

3. serve with coriander, and fried onions

ikan masak steam

okey, to be honest my home is now flooded with seafud from south china sea. haha. it's not that either my parent went fishing there nor we bought the whole selayang wet market. ni sume dpt org bg nih. bleh jd gout aku mkn cenggini spnjg sem break.

btw, we feasted ourselves with ikan masak steam n mak honoured me to crown the fish. ecewah pdhal marinade je pn. here's the recipe:

-one whole fish
-salt n pepper to taste
-cloves of garlic (depending on how huge your fish is-mind you ours was big!)
-few shallots(bawang merah)
-lemon (cut into 2 and take one protion of its juice) n it's zest
-cili padi as you wish
-lemongrass (one finger length)
-1 tbsp of oyster sauce
-2 tbsp of balckpepper sauce
-few drops of cooking oil
-carrot, broncoli, tomatoes, oyster mushroom and anything in your mind

1. in a separate pan (loyang), marinade your fish, along with salt n pepper. leave them to chat with each other
2. cut into slices your B and throw them together inside a bowl
3. add in C into the bowl, and continue stir until they are mixed together
4. put the mixture onto your fish, rub, massage, belai2 them until you feel hungry you can't wait anymore
5. dont forget your precious veges. put them inside the pan, they'll sure bring you colors to ur dish
6. wrap the top of the pan with aluminum foil and steam the dish for 15minutes. this was found to be the most ideal time for ikan kembong :) hee
7. the steamed fish will rock ur dinner. it did to us!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Chef

Dearest mak,
Millions of thanks for all the foods that you've cooked...
and again...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creamy mushroom soup

Wanna share this recipe this time around. Deliciously easy~
- 1/4 butter cube
- 1 onion - diced
- 150g button mushroom - chopped
- 2 1/2 stalks celery - chopped
- 2 1/2 tbsp plain flour
- 300ml fresh milk
- 300ml chicken stock
- bay leaf
- salt, white & black pepper to season

- melt the butter
- pour in onion, mushroom, celery and bay leaf - sweat for 5-10 min
- add the flour - mix well
- pour in milk and chicken stock - mix well
- season with salt, white & black pepper
- cook for 25min - stir occasionally until soup turn creamy
- turn off heat, wait for few min to cool a bit,take out bay leaf - blend

if u want chunk mushroom, don't blend until smooth
if u make your own chicken stock, prepare some chicken floss and add into the soup after it is blended
*ingredients quantity may vary. bay leaf and celery are optional

Verily creamy, yummy and slurrrrpy ~

p/s: mak, next parcel exclude mushroom soup campbell, ayte?! :P

Friday, March 27, 2009

choc cookies

look at my babies! :P

original recipe taken from
here's the ingred. and the method:

100g castor sugar
220g softened butter
220g self raise flour
4tbsp (60ml) cocoa powder

1. preheat oven 190deg C
2. cream (beat) butter n sugar
3. sift flour and cocoa powder (i added 1 teaspoon of nescafe powder) and add to the batter mixture
4. using floured hand, roll into a small size
5. place the rolled mixture well apart (to allow it to spread)
6. squash lightly using thumb
7. bake for 8 minutes
8. cool for 5 minutes (ths biscuits are crunch at the outside and soft in the inside)
9. mkn smbil minum susu la best :)

Lavish Lasagna


For this lasagna, the same recipe for baked macaroni was applied. But the white sauce should be prepared half more than for the latter; since it need to be spread at every layer. The lasagna sheets do not necessarily be boiled first. It still ok if you opt for it or just cook them until half boiled, but I directly arranged them right out from the box! :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

air buah gelas besar..

went to this restaurant to enjoy the self-claimed air buah gelas besar..
btw, just ordered air kedondong and it was super nice!
the restaurant located just behind stadium selayang, but u have to be careful to reach there, as not all the lamp post are switched on(which i dont know why?!)

p/s: what's the taste of air durian? uh oh kne tanye encik emong!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

easy weezy carbonara sauce

senang sgt nk wat sauce ni :)

1. 2 tbsp of butter on the pan, tnggu smpi panas
2. add garlic, smpi naik bau. (jgn smpi brown)
3. tepikan garlic, letak minced meat
4. jgn kering sgt, tmbah kan air, and season (+salt n pepper to taste)
5. bile daging dh masak, add cream and some uht milk
6. tmbhkan cheese as desired
7. tnggu pekat, (mase masak ni, tadek daging, so i added an egg instead. yolk die xpecahkan)
8. mkn la ngn pasta, jgn mkn sauce je~

sawi campur goreng

hye, i'm home again :)

smlm mengidam bk, mushroom doble beef die yg juicy tu.went there and add hershey-licious on the bill, too! they taste superb, i must say

mlm tu goreng sayur sawi, mushroom n carrot
easy, tp nk upload jgk rec, in case lupe ke :)

1. tumbuk bawang, garam, bilis
2. tumis, smpi naik bau
3. tambah kan 1sudu sos tiram + air
4. letak carrot (ttp kuali sekejap), api besarkan sket
5. few minutes pastu, bile carrot dh lembut, tmbahkan batang sawi
6. agak2 dh layu, letak mushroom (in dis case, button mushroom)
7. finally, letak daun2 sawi pulak.toast, tp jgn smpi layu sgt
8. done and full! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Puding Karamel


Makan-makan lagi! Kali ni buat puding karamel.
Senang dan sedap sangat :)
Bahan-bahan puding:
- 400ml susu segar
- 4 biji telur
- 1 biji kuning telur
- 5 sudu gula
- secubit garam
- esen vanila (tapi tak ade)

Bahan-bahan karamel:
- 5 sudu gula
- 2 sudu air

- untuk karamel, cairkan gula + air & tuang dalam bekas pembakar
- untuk puding, pukul telur + gula + garam + esen vanila
- panaskan susu di atas api sederhana & kacau (jangan sampai mendidih)
- tuang campuran telur ke dalam susu & kacau
- tuang kesemua ke dalam bekas pembakar
- tutup dengan aluminium foil dan bakar pada suhu 180C selama 40-45 minit atau kukus selama 30 minit
* jika bakar, letak bekas pembakar di atas dulang pembakar yang berisi air

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pengat Pisang


This is my all time favorite dish; but here without the smell of pandan. Hehehe. But that does not matter cause it's the taste does matter!

On a different note, I would like to share this short vid on Edin's Malaysian Night that I attended last night. That was one of the finishing performances. I was busily eating to record the earlier performances. Heh. If I'm not mistaken two of those guys were Chinese, and the left two were Malay and Indian respectively. All ladies were Chinese. Enjoy!

p/s: memang layan makan pengat sambil tengok vid :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Beef Stew, not from Trengganu!


this was my dinner just now. recipe was altered from here [hah, pilih-pilih!]. at first it was eaten with white rice however it was imperfectly matched [macam makan rendang dengan spaghetti la..]. then only i made the mashed potatoes. as it is always stew's great achievement to meet its end on a pile of nicely mashed potatoes! :)

mashed potatoes with beef stew on top

p/s: secret recipe's stew still won though ;p

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baked Bolognese Macaroni


Made this dish to celebrate my friend's birthday. It was as same as preparing the bolognese sauce. Just wanted to share the steps of preparing the white sauce.

- 1/4 of butter cube
- 1/2 cup of flour
- 2 cups of milk
- salt to taste
- black pepper to season
- parmesan cheese as you desire

- melt the butter (medium heat)
- pour in flour gradually and keep stirring
- pour in milk, salt and black pepper - continue stirring
- add some milk if the sauce is very thick
- add the cheese - stir well

Layering of the macaroni:
- pour the boiled macaroni
- pour and mix bolognese sauce with the macaroni
- cover the surface by pouring the white sauce
- sprinkle over grated parmesan cheese on top

Bake at 190C for 40-45 minutes (until the cheese turns brown)

Yummy giler weyh!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Roti [tanpa]Jala

Hello world!

recently made this roti [tanpa]jala for a small gatherings here by combining mak's recipe that i could remember of and he2. since the utensil to make the 'jala' is crucially unobtainable globally, here's how the uk edition of it turned out to be. the taste - memang A lah!! and very much similar to what i remember mak's. huhu. mak i miss u!!! :'(

- 3 cups of flour
- 1.5 cups of fresh milk
- 1 cups of water
- 2 eggs
- salt to taste
- tumeric powder for colour
- pour all ingredients into a bowl
- mixed all to form a batter (i blended them all, yes blended using hand blender ;p)
- pour the batter onto the frying pan (spread them thinly around the pan)
- repeat till fade.. (the batter fade from the mixing bowl)
- roll them all one by one to the desired size

the beef curry was made the day before for my consecutive 3 days meals actually ;p
somehow i felt to share it for the gatherings instead. however, i don't intend to talk about the recipe in this post. but certainly it was deliciously matched with the roti [tanpa]jala that i made.


p/s: sa, where's newest post? :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Puding Sagu

hidangan ni sgt best nk buat jd pencuci mulut. sng je nk wat rupenye


bhn A-sagu
-daun pandan

bhn B- kuah santan
-kelapa parut
-air suam

bhn C
-gula melaka & gula putih
-daun pandan

cara2 nye:
  1. sediakan bhn A. rendam sagu selama 10 minit, sambil masak air dlm periuk sehingga mndidih. masukkan sagu dlm periuk tu.jgn lupe letakkan daun pandan.tnggu smpi sagu masak (bila sagu jd jernih)

  2. sediakan bhn B.kelapa parut dicurah dgn air suam. perahkan santan, cubit sedikit garam kedlm santan
  3. sediakan bhn C.cairkan gula melaka yg ditambah sedikit dgn gula putih. tmbhkan air skit dlm periuk.jgn lupe letakkan daun pandan dlm periuk.
p/s:puding ni berkuah santan & gula

Chocolate and Raisin Bun

too much love for Gardenia choc n raisin bread caused me to create this recipe :P
btw ni la resipi nye:

-540 tpg protein tinggi
-260ml air
-1 biji telur
-180gm gula
-100gm butter & margerin
-1/2 sudu kecil garam
-1 bungkus yis (11gm)
-80 gram serbuk coco

  1. uli adunan roti- air, gula, butter, garam, telur, koko, tepung & yis(smpi lembut dlm 30 minit.lg senang pakai oven je :P)
  2. bentuk kan ikut bntuk yg dikehendaki

  3. perap selama 40 minit
  4. bakar 160 degree C, 25 minit.voila!
p/s: uh gmba selingan.melodi jap.PGL 3 last nite was superb! *happy happy* :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rendang Daging Negeri 9 book re-open again weh!

this rendang sng sgt nk masak, tp rase sgt superb. resipi ni xpakai kerisik kelapa

(resipi utk sekilo daging)


  1. daging dipotong nipis (1kg)
  2. organ (&piano?) like paru2 direbus dulu, limpa dan jantung
  3. kunyit hidup (2 inci pjg)
  4. lengkuas (2 inci) dititik
  5. cili api sekilo
  6. kelapa parut sebiji
  7. serai 6 btg dititik
  8. garam secukup rasa
  9. gula 1 sudu kecil
  10. air
  11. bawang merah 5 biji (dihiris)
  12. daun kunyit dihiris nipis
cara2 masak

  1. daging, jantung, paru2 diperap dgn tepung 15 minit (utk serap darah). kemudian rebus paru2
  2. blend cili & kunyit (smpi lumat) jgn lupa letak air & garam dlm blender
  3. masukkan daging & cili dlm kuali. api sederhana
  4. masukkan serai & lengkuas yg dititik
  5. masak sehingga air kering
  6. by means, tuang lg air kalau daging belom empuk
  7. tuang santan cair hingga 3/4 empuk
  8. tuang santan pekat, hirisan bawang, limpa & daun kunyit
  9. masak hingga kering
  • hopefully berd is doing fine alone at rum at this moment wooot!! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

vanilla choc chips cuppacakes

hoi hoi!
esok nk balik utp :/

ok btw, this cake was done while one hour waiting to meet my gsk colleague
what i wanna say is, this is very easy yet so fast to make lah!
here's the recipe:

125g butter
125g castor sugar
125g self raise flour (please note srf already contains bicarb, so u dont need to put bicarb anymore)
2 eggs
1tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
full cream milk (just for 2 tbspoon)

-preheat your oven with 250dgree C
1. beat butter and castor sugar together (smpi kembang, i must say)
2. fold in flour, one senduk at a time
3. this batter will be a lil bit dry, so this is the time u hv to add egg, one at a time
4. add baking powder & vanilla extract
5. to make this batter smoother, you just pour in 2 tbsp of full cream milk
6. oh i just campak2 choc chips sbb nk habiskan yg dh lame kt umah ni
7. fill in the batter inside your cupcakes paper
8. bake for 10mins or until your cake is golden brown
9. eh dh siap?!! :P

sorry no pic! (too engross to eat the cake)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

simple marinade for bbq

last wiken went to sg tekala, a good spot for picnic with my dear colleagues
we did some bbq, to make things more fun
it was so simple i can never imagine myself, but yet tastes so good,beb!
okey2, enough exaggerating :D

for 2 tbs of mayo, add 1 tbs of mustard
cajun spices (they said it is available & ready for mc cormick brand)
salt to taste
that all babe!!

oh did you ever know 2 put marshmallow on your bbq set while waiting ur chcken done is so much fun?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Homst Chinese Muslim Restaurant

mango chicken sedap nk mam

chinese tea~~~~

sup schezuan (small size beb!)

prawn name xingt

hye there!

i nagged kak hell to dine out at this place.

we ordered sup shezhuan, chicken mango and also prawn sumting2 i cant remember!


btw the food taste so damn good, + chinese tea was magnficant, too

hey did i tell you the owner is very friendly that you will at least talk to him once along your nice dinner

and oh, this place is a must visit again!

support muslim makan places! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Divine Toblerone Fondue :P

this is a very dessert to kick off new year :)
although the recipe is originally from here, i alter it a bit
(actually we couldn't find double cream, so we replace it with whip cream instead) T_T
so this is the recipe:

200g toblerone
100ml whip cream
24ml full cream milk

these mixture will be double boiled together

then, cut your fruits (banana, strawberry) and marshmallow into pieces

of course, to dip your fruits inside the thickening, warm chocolate!