Friday, March 27, 2009

choc cookies

look at my babies! :P

original recipe taken from
here's the ingred. and the method:

100g castor sugar
220g softened butter
220g self raise flour
4tbsp (60ml) cocoa powder

1. preheat oven 190deg C
2. cream (beat) butter n sugar
3. sift flour and cocoa powder (i added 1 teaspoon of nescafe powder) and add to the batter mixture
4. using floured hand, roll into a small size
5. place the rolled mixture well apart (to allow it to spread)
6. squash lightly using thumb
7. bake for 8 minutes
8. cool for 5 minutes (ths biscuits are crunch at the outside and soft in the inside)
9. mkn smbil minum susu la best :)

Lavish Lasagna


For this lasagna, the same recipe for baked macaroni was applied. But the white sauce should be prepared half more than for the latter; since it need to be spread at every layer. The lasagna sheets do not necessarily be boiled first. It still ok if you opt for it or just cook them until half boiled, but I directly arranged them right out from the box! :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

air buah gelas besar..

went to this restaurant to enjoy the self-claimed air buah gelas besar..
btw, just ordered air kedondong and it was super nice!
the restaurant located just behind stadium selayang, but u have to be careful to reach there, as not all the lamp post are switched on(which i dont know why?!)

p/s: what's the taste of air durian? uh oh kne tanye encik emong!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

easy weezy carbonara sauce

senang sgt nk wat sauce ni :)

1. 2 tbsp of butter on the pan, tnggu smpi panas
2. add garlic, smpi naik bau. (jgn smpi brown)
3. tepikan garlic, letak minced meat
4. jgn kering sgt, tmbah kan air, and season (+salt n pepper to taste)
5. bile daging dh masak, add cream and some uht milk
6. tmbhkan cheese as desired
7. tnggu pekat, (mase masak ni, tadek daging, so i added an egg instead. yolk die xpecahkan)
8. mkn la ngn pasta, jgn mkn sauce je~

sawi campur goreng

hye, i'm home again :)

smlm mengidam bk, mushroom doble beef die yg juicy tu.went there and add hershey-licious on the bill, too! they taste superb, i must say

mlm tu goreng sayur sawi, mushroom n carrot
easy, tp nk upload jgk rec, in case lupe ke :)

1. tumbuk bawang, garam, bilis
2. tumis, smpi naik bau
3. tambah kan 1sudu sos tiram + air
4. letak carrot (ttp kuali sekejap), api besarkan sket
5. few minutes pastu, bile carrot dh lembut, tmbahkan batang sawi
6. agak2 dh layu, letak mushroom (in dis case, button mushroom)
7. finally, letak daun2 sawi pulak.toast, tp jgn smpi layu sgt
8. done and full! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Puding Karamel


Makan-makan lagi! Kali ni buat puding karamel.
Senang dan sedap sangat :)
Bahan-bahan puding:
- 400ml susu segar
- 4 biji telur
- 1 biji kuning telur
- 5 sudu gula
- secubit garam
- esen vanila (tapi tak ade)

Bahan-bahan karamel:
- 5 sudu gula
- 2 sudu air

- untuk karamel, cairkan gula + air & tuang dalam bekas pembakar
- untuk puding, pukul telur + gula + garam + esen vanila
- panaskan susu di atas api sederhana & kacau (jangan sampai mendidih)
- tuang campuran telur ke dalam susu & kacau
- tuang kesemua ke dalam bekas pembakar
- tutup dengan aluminium foil dan bakar pada suhu 180C selama 40-45 minit atau kukus selama 30 minit
* jika bakar, letak bekas pembakar di atas dulang pembakar yang berisi air

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pengat Pisang


This is my all time favorite dish; but here without the smell of pandan. Hehehe. But that does not matter cause it's the taste does matter!

On a different note, I would like to share this short vid on Edin's Malaysian Night that I attended last night. That was one of the finishing performances. I was busily eating to record the earlier performances. Heh. If I'm not mistaken two of those guys were Chinese, and the left two were Malay and Indian respectively. All ladies were Chinese. Enjoy!

p/s: memang layan makan pengat sambil tengok vid :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Beef Stew, not from Trengganu!


this was my dinner just now. recipe was altered from here [hah, pilih-pilih!]. at first it was eaten with white rice however it was imperfectly matched [macam makan rendang dengan spaghetti la..]. then only i made the mashed potatoes. as it is always stew's great achievement to meet its end on a pile of nicely mashed potatoes! :)

mashed potatoes with beef stew on top

p/s: secret recipe's stew still won though ;p

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baked Bolognese Macaroni


Made this dish to celebrate my friend's birthday. It was as same as preparing the bolognese sauce. Just wanted to share the steps of preparing the white sauce.

- 1/4 of butter cube
- 1/2 cup of flour
- 2 cups of milk
- salt to taste
- black pepper to season
- parmesan cheese as you desire

- melt the butter (medium heat)
- pour in flour gradually and keep stirring
- pour in milk, salt and black pepper - continue stirring
- add some milk if the sauce is very thick
- add the cheese - stir well

Layering of the macaroni:
- pour the boiled macaroni
- pour and mix bolognese sauce with the macaroni
- cover the surface by pouring the white sauce
- sprinkle over grated parmesan cheese on top

Bake at 190C for 40-45 minutes (until the cheese turns brown)

Yummy giler weyh!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Roti [tanpa]Jala

Hello world!

recently made this roti [tanpa]jala for a small gatherings here by combining mak's recipe that i could remember of and he2. since the utensil to make the 'jala' is crucially unobtainable globally, here's how the uk edition of it turned out to be. the taste - memang A lah!! and very much similar to what i remember mak's. huhu. mak i miss u!!! :'(

- 3 cups of flour
- 1.5 cups of fresh milk
- 1 cups of water
- 2 eggs
- salt to taste
- tumeric powder for colour
- pour all ingredients into a bowl
- mixed all to form a batter (i blended them all, yes blended using hand blender ;p)
- pour the batter onto the frying pan (spread them thinly around the pan)
- repeat till fade.. (the batter fade from the mixing bowl)
- roll them all one by one to the desired size

the beef curry was made the day before for my consecutive 3 days meals actually ;p
somehow i felt to share it for the gatherings instead. however, i don't intend to talk about the recipe in this post. but certainly it was deliciously matched with the roti [tanpa]jala that i made.


p/s: sa, where's newest post? :)