Friday, April 23, 2010

chocolate vanilla cheese cake

this blog wagon seems dustier than everrr.haha lame gile xupdate, pdhal bnyk je msk2. heehee.bru wat cake ni, n nak share the recipe which i learn mse g cooking class back in kepong dlu :P

- biskut secukup rasa
- melted butter, bout 5 tbsp
- gula secukup rasa(kalau nk manis)

-600g dairy whipping cream
-2 eggs
-100gm castor sugar
-500gm cream cheese
-6tsp gelatin
-6tbsp water
-140g bitter sweet choc (melted)
-3 tsp vanilla essence

note: double boil gelatin n water together, continue stir so it wont clump.

1. heat up oven (5-10 mins), hancurkan biskut (oreo ke, digestive ke, or watever), gaul ngn melted butter smpi mesra n agak2 leh kepal. bake for 10 mins, 160deg C

1. whip whipping cream and leave it aside
2. beat eggs n sugar till spongy.(this is d most crucial part for any cake).always add in the dry ingred INTO wet ingred.
3. beat cheese until smooth, then add in the eggs, then the gelatin
4. fold in whipped cream, divide mixture into 2 (half by half)
5. fold in melted choc in the 1st batter, n vanilla essence in the other bowl
6. pour the vanilla flavored mixture on the pan,
7. then pour the choc flavored mxture above it
8. chilled for 2 hours, serve chilled

-tp ikut keadaan kek dlm gmba, cara tuang lain sket.ikut creativity memasing hehe
-personally my family lg suke cheese cake style yg ni

thats all!! :D

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